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I bought a recliner/rocker in April. I did not get the right chair. I could not get back into the store until the 1st part of June. At that time I was told it was to late. I should have come in within 30 days.

This really is not right. I should have been given the right chair in the first place. I know you will not do anything but just wanted you to know that I do not think that is a good policy.

I think if someone is given the wrong thing it should be replaced as long as it is not torn up. Which mine still looks like it did the day I got it as I do not sit in it, as it is very unconfortable.

Monetary Loss: $299.

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How is this MB's fault? If the chair was delivered, you should have checked before signing for it, if you picked it up, you should have checked before signing for it.

And then, once you realized you had the wrong one, did you even call them? Sounds like you waited 4 months to do anything at all about it.

I fail to see how this is a bad policy on MB's part. In fact, I can't think of anywhere where this scenario would fly.


i agree wth both responses. who waits 2 months to say i got the wrong item?

especially in this age when everyone has a cell phone and can makes calls from anywhere. i think you are being the unreasonable one here.


I have to agree with DJ, except for the last part of the comment which was unnecessary and rude. If you order the steak and you get the chicken, do you wait for an hour before sending it back?

Different item, same concept. Also, if you get the item delivered, inspect it prior to the delivery people leaving and/or signing for receipt. If it's wrong, send it back and call the store. Also, prior to purchase read ALL of the fine print.

Never sign a written document until you understand everything on it. Make sure you are aware of delivery times/dates.

Furthermore, if you want to insure that you get what you paid for on YOUR time and not THEIRS, borrow or rent a truck and get it yourself. Yes you'll be putting up all the furniture on your own, but at least you can ensure you get what you paid for without waiting forever and a day.


It is very unreasonable of anyone to think they should be able to exchange a piece of furniture after 2 months....2 weeks is ridiculous as far as I am concerned. If the wrong chair was recieved a simply phone call immediately would have put them on notice about the problem and arrangements could have been made at the time for the correct one to replace it....sounds to me like you decided to try out the wrong chair and decided 60 days later you didn't want it are one heck of a procrastinater which in any event I hope this has taught you a lesson to get on the ball....I sure hope for your sake you don't put off everything in your life like you did this. Not a soul would dare count on you for anything.

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