Edmond, Oklahoma
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Unfortunately Mathis Bros. is following suit in relation to many companies.

A new $2,000 matress was purchased that had a 20 yr warranty, it began breaking down 6 months ago and reported this to the company. Their reply was no warranty coverage, I had my papers, no coverage. What ever happened to integrity in business.

What happened to truth in advertising. Stay away for Matress Brothers!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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There warranty on any thing u buy there is like a act of Congress to fight any you still end up with a broken down piece of furniture .they don’t care about you after you buy something I bought a mattress they looked at it pickup up bought back said they would not repair, bought a recliner electric control went out would not repair until we set in service center told them I was not leaving there till I got something done after this mattress deal I will never step foot in their store I will also discourage any one from shopping there tell them to go else where .ithey are a big con they are a 2nd Hand high price store


Purchased two Lazy Boy leather recliners at Mathis Brothers furniture in Oklahoma City, ask the salesman several question on quality, guarantee, and specifically if I get it home and find it is has a problem can I bring it back. He assured me I could and as to the warranty I could call MB and they would take care of the problem without me having to contact the manufacture.

All questions seem to be answered to may satisfaction. I have purchased furniture previously and assumed it was the same on returning furniture that you were not satisfied with, and had done so in the past. I personally picked up the furniture and unpacked it, moved it into the house, and found it not be well constructed with the leather wrinkled and flawed on the arms, so I called MB customer service as I was told to do by the Sales person. I was told yes I could return it but there would be a 10% restocking fee.

I said I never heard of this before and was not told this was a condition of returning my purchase by the sales person, and told them I had done this in the past with no such charge. It would have cost me over $180 to return these chairs I had bought just 2 hours prior. A condition to not being charged the 10% restocking fee is to commit to make another purchase, not doubt of equal or greater value than the original purchase. Conclusion: I finally got them returned after explaining it was poor quality and flawed material, they still tried to charge me by giving me a list of papers that after my wife looked over it closely told me they still had the $180 charge on the bill.

I went back and finally got it removed by another employee who apparently knew nothing about it and ask the supervisor, who was on the phone talking, to no doubt another angry customer on the other end, and the supervisor told her to go ahead and take it off. Probably out of frustration of dealing with me. Oh yea, the original customer service employee told me Mathis Brothers policy is clearly posted on the back of the sale receipt. My advice other then buy from someone else is to read everything you sign, back side include, even if it is small print.

Don't assume anything.(My signature is on the front and not on the back of what I signed. Flip it over.

Won't be back. Buyer beware!)


Hello- We apologize about the issues you are experiencing with your mattress. If you can please email us your sales order number or phone number associated with this purchase to CustomerRelations@mathisbrothers.com, we will look into this to assist. Thank you for your business.

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