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I don't care about their furniture, but I just thought I could tell you about something you will like!There is a story in my town about the Mathis brother who is always sitting down and it's no joke.

Seems he and the one with him on TV were illegally fishing on someone's land a long time ago; got caught and the sitting one had a live catfish stuck up his pooper and had to have surgery! No wonder he sits on his *** in those commercials! It's all over this town!

Too funny!Crazy ***!

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What a *** review. No wonder this website is being sued. This website says it is to air consumer complaints but anyone can say idiotic things and they get posted how would you like this said about your family member ugh.


Why would anyone write something like this?I am looking for honest comments and this is what this website posts.

I dont think you can belive anything posted on this website.Digusting.


Why would anyone write something like this?I am looking for honest comments and this is what this website posts.

I dont think you can belive anything posted on this website.Digusting.


How sad that you gossipmongers do not even know how to spell.I wish I had never gotten on this site and never will again!

I agree with Lori above (#2)!Get a DECENT life!


Actually it was Gerbles that had to be removed and a nurse from the hospital let it out to the public. Sick!!!!


Funny, but everyone claims to know someone working at the ER he supposedly came into.This story is nothing more than an urban legend/myth and it's a shame people feel the need to go around repeating this lie, without any regard for his children or the fact they might hear this ridiculous story some day.

Get a life people.Gossip sucks.

Not Telling

It wasn't a catfish it was a gerbal.


He is not joking with you. I know this to be true, and that is not the only live creature that was stuck in a foreign place on this person. Have friends that work the ER he happened to come in to.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #198241

Get a life you shallow ***!!!!! :upset :upset :upset

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