After 4 seperate tries of getting a couche that was defective each time, they actually wanted us to pay a restocking fee- excuse me??? The stuff we bought was junk that never worked from the first get go.

After explaining to them why we wouldn't pay the restocking, we were treated like the junk they sell!!!

Also, after all the aforementioned hassle, we have YET been credited our purchase, good luck to anybody that tries to purchase in good faith any of their products. This was with the Ashley line of furniture, and I have never had a worse experience trying to purchase something in my LIFE!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I work for Mathis Brothers Furniture! and Im pissed off over the fact that They made me wait a 1yr 1/2 to get a disapointing 50 cent raise....

Its a Dead End Job.....


Why the *** did you buy a Ashley sofa... It's cheap stuff and not made well at all!

You get what you paid for and that's junk. If you want something good spend a grand or two and buy a good manufacture then these problems will not come up.

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