I had ordered a dinning room and couch from Mathis Brothers. The first couch that was delivered I rejected, because the backing of the couch was riped.

Even though the delivery guys loading the furniture saw that it was damaged, they still tried to unload the couch and deliver it to me. A few days later, the company set-up a new delivery time and didn't show-up. I called the company and they said that it was too late to get another person out to deliver the couch and I would have to wait until the next day. The next day the delivery guys brought the couch upstairs (I lived in a condo) and dropped it on the stair rails ripping a large hole in it.

The delivery guys asked if I was sure that I wanted to reject the couch! I called the company again and they set-up a new delivery date and sent a third couch out a few days later. An older man came to my door with a younger man and informed me that they had my couch and that he was refusing to deliver it unless I signed a waive saying that if they damaged my couch I would take it as is. I looked downstairs and saw that they had left my couch in the middle of the street for 40 minutes while the older man sat on his cell phone complaining to Mathis Brothers that he would have to lift my couch upstairs.

I refused to sign the waiver. The older man said, "How do you think I feel if I damage your couch I will have to pay for it?" "We don't work for Mathis Brothers we just contract with them to deliver their furniture to their customers." I said how do you think I would feel paying all that money for a damaged couch! After two and half hours later they finally got my couch upstairs without damaging it. I complained to the company and they apologised.

If Mathis Brothers wants to have a good reputation and keep their business going they need to get rid of contracting with outside delivery companies and get their own drivers. These contracted delivery companies are the ones screwing up the delivery schedules and damaging peoples furniture.

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If you purchase large, heavy furniture, it will be dinged. Period.

If you insist it be left it its protective packaging to keep said dings from happening, they WILL PROMISE THEN IGNORE YOUR REQUEST, remove it, and invariably ding it up. they can pack in more furniture if it is out of the boxes.

Mathis was eating tons of money on careless under muscled guys moving things clearly too heavy for them. They have their handy pens to cover the dings.

If it is not too bad, shelves are present, doors shut correctly, and the dings are in out of the way places, I would keep it, Next ding will be worse. Now the movers have to pay for the stuff, they can be nasty.


Seems to me that you got yourself a horrible delivery service. The problem isn't with contracted drivers (who work for Mathis 7days a week, making them just as much an employee) it was with that certain delivery service Whomever that was needs to come on down to the okc store for some much needed training.

That is NOT how we do things, and I would like to apologize for that delivery service making us drivers look bad. There is no way it should've taken them 2 hours to deliver a sofa upstairs.

I could've done it in ten minutes Without putting a mark on the furniture....on the first try. Once again, I'm so sorry that your delivery experience was so bad.



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