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I bought a beautiful dining room suit and had to return it all because they could not come up with all the parts after they delivered it.After delivery I starting cleaning it getting ready to use my new treasures.

The delivery crew did not put the glass shelves in the china cabinet. I discovered why after they left! The shelves did not fit! They were all the wrong sixes.

I called them and "they told me they had to fit they came with it!" We agreed they would come out and see if I was just *** or if they had made another mistake. I had to wait four days for customer service to come and and verify my claim! Then I was told that they had no more shelves for that cabinet and "would see if they could order some". Twenty four hours later I was told that they could be ordered but that it would be 8 - 10 days before they would come in and then they would schedule a time to install them.

Two days later I get a message left on my phone that says they will not be able to get the shelves for 6 - 10 weeks or I could call them "with the dimensions" and they could have a glass shop cut me some shelves. I paid for factory shelving why in the world would I settle for make-shift shelving. Needless to say I am not waiting around 8 weeks to find out if their is another chapter in this story!

They just lost another loyal customer!

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DON'T PURCHASE THE FURNITURE PROTECTION PLAN.I bought 2 Leather Sectionals and the FPP for both ($400.00) Total waste of my money and they DON"T give you the customer service for this plan.

I think the salesman must have made a chunk of money on it, because he really talked it up.I will NOT be purchasing anything from Mathis Brothers again.


@You're problem isn't with Math..STFU!

dont tell people how to feel..

your opinions blow and you need to understand that people get pissed off for being screwed around!so eat a giant bag of d*cks eh!


So, the manufacturer sent them the wrong size glass.That's not their fault.

Plus you received a visit within 4 days! That is amazing considering how much business they do. Other people have had to wait a month! So, then they put in an order for the shelves.

They called you when the manufacturer informed them they were not available.I would've preferred the custom glass because it probably would have been better than mass produced pieces from this manufacturer.

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